Upgrade in Cushion mix

We are pleased to say that in the middle of 2018 we switched from a 50% down mix in all our cushions to a 70% down mix. We are always striving to make our furniture the best it possibly can be and this is the latest way we have found to improved it.

In doing so we have also switched to a much more local supplier using 100% French feathers from the Muscovy Duck. (As opposed to the Chinese feathers we were previously using.) Dramatically reducing the fuel miles. This also guarantees all activity is strictly regulated by the French ministry of agriculture and veterinary services. All feathers are 100% compliant with EN 12934 and 12935 standards.


If you are interested in the feather production process here is what our supplier has to say:

The feathers are collected from local farmers within 12 hours of harvesting and washed and satanised within 24 hours to maintain the optimum quality.

Thanks to the integrated state of the art water treatment plant, all the water used during the production process is filtered, cleaned and recycled for future on-going production. All waste residues go into making organic fertilisers.

The feathers are loaded into industrial washing machines, washed with anti-bacterial agents at a temperature of 130 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes, followed by thorough rinsing and spinning cycles.

Feathers are thoroughly dried, cooled and de-dusted for the first time. This ensures the feather and down is as clean as possible to avoid them becoming oily and matted.

They are then passed through sorting machines the feather and down is naturally calibrated by ascending air flow into different chambers in relation to their weight and size. The feathers are then de-dusted again to remove residual dust.

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