October 23, 2017

New Van

Any of our regular customers will know our trusty old red VW van. Well it has become rather more rusty than trusty lately so we have decided to buy a new one. If there is one thing we hate here its white vans so this time we have gone for bright yellow! We hope it brings a smile to our customers faces as it arrives with their new sofa. And as it is LEZ compliant we can now venture inside the m25 with it.

New Van!

September 1, 2017

Welcome to our new website!

Our old website was looking rather tired and the system it was running had ceased to exist. So we have made the switch over to WordPress along with the rest of the world. It has taken about a week to get up to speed with it but I am very impressed with it.

We hope you enjoy the fresh new look, if you see any errors or encounter any problems please let us know.