We are specialists in Howard & Sons restoration having restored countless items we have a vast knowledge of how to restore them properly. We see many items re-upholstered incorrectly at auctions and this seriously diminishes the value. See below for a few examples of Howard and Sons items we have restored.

If you would like a quote please email a picture of the item and a brief descriptions of what work you believe it needs (e.g. re-cover, seat repair) to

Please also view the blog site of an employee of ours where you will find many more of our Howard & Sons restoration projects as well as Howard and Sons items for sale both at auction and privately:


Howard and Sons Bridgewater Armchair Restoration

This armchair came in for restoration in a slightly sorry state.

howard & sons restoration

As well as the obvious re-upholstery needed this chair also required some frame and leg restoration.

howard & sons restoration

Luckily with our skilled staff, this chair is now stronger than the day it was made.

howard & sons restoration

And the legs look great again too.

howard & sons restoration

Original materials reused and revitalised where possible. The original Howard cushions look great after a quick blow with our feather blower.

howard & sons restoration

The finished item, fully restored in the customers fabric.

howard & sons restoration


A Howard Castellane Sofa undergoing full restoration:

In the first picture you can see it has not been upholstered properly by the previous upholsterer and the arms have been upholstered incorrectly.

howard & sons restoration

Stripped back to the frame.

howard & sons restoration

Restored, re-using the original cushions with knife edge finish arms as it was originally intended.

howard & sons restoration

A few more of our favorite Howard and Sons items. Selected based on uniqueness or just a nice fabric, we love a good print!

The closest thing to a Howard and Sons Bridgewater sofa we have ever seen.

A Lenygon and Morant Burlington Sofa

A Howard and Sons curved sofa

A Howard and Sons Club armchair

A Howard and Sons Rocking chair, very unusual spring mechanism to make the chair rock, looks like it could be the suspension from a carriage.

Two Howard and Sons armchairs, an Ivor and a Harley

Howard Chesterfield, covered in a reproduction lining

Two Howard Baring Sofas