Makers of Traditionally Upholstered Sofas and Armchairs

Welcome to Black Barn Sofas

Made by craftspeople, tailored to you.

Every peice of furniture we create is hand-crafted in Wiltshire by our team of skilled craftspeople. With around 120 hours going into each sofa, we like to work closely with you to understand your needs and achieve the perfect item.

Sustainable, Responsible, Quality

Remember things lasting a lifetime? Our furniture is made to to do just that! We use only the finest natural materials, including high down mix cushions, horse hair, beech, cotton and wool. Combined with traditional skills such as hand tied coil springs and mortice and tenon jointed frames. Black Barn Sofas ensure every client receives a piece of furniture built to last a lifetime.

Classic designs and bespoke creations.

As well as being incredibly comfortable, each sofa or armchair is designed to look stunning. Drawing on classic designs which have been a staple of English furniture for the past 150 years. Alternatively you can create your own designs from drawings or photos with our full bespoke service.