In addition to our small collection we offer a full bespoke service. This can vary from taking our own designs and adjusting them, right through to creating a whole new design from drawings or photos.

Please view a selection of past commissions below, we are confident we can meet your own bespoke requirements.






Bepoke Sofa

An exact copy of a sofa the client owned

Upholstered using a mix of modern and traditional techniques and materials as per the original sofa.

Bespoke Curved Chesterfield Sofa

Bespoke Curved chesterfield sofa

Made exclusively for Patch Rogers. Arts and Crafts expert at Liberty. An original design by Robert Lorimer (1864-1929). With copper gilt arts and crafts style legs.

Rachel Chudley curved bespoke sofa
Rachel Chudley bespoke curved sofa

Extremely large curved sofa

3.3 metre curved sofa made for Rachel Chudley. Traditionally upholstered, made in 3 sections and assembled on site.

Bespoke Oak bench copy

Oak Bench

An Oak bench made from photos the client supplied.

Covered in Ripstop – Starboard from Howe of London at 36 Bourne Street.

bespoke feather back chesterfield

Copy of a sofa the client owned.

Traditionally upholstered with down filled arm and back cushions, we once restored a Howard and Sons item very similar in design to this.

Rachel Chudley bespoke hairy cow sofa

Hairy cow hide Sofa

Traditionally upholstered made for Rachel Chudley.

Curved outdoor sofa

Curved outdoor sofa

Curved bespoke outdoor sofa made with modern materials for Rachel Chudley.

bespoke sofa
bespoke sofa

Buttoned sofa made from a client’s plans

Traditionally Upholstered with deep buttons.